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Possible lecture topics:

  • School lectures, seminars for students, lectures for athletes, coaches, trainers Sport in the elderly
  • (Competitive) sport in the elderly: The fine line between overexploitation and lasting success
  • careful use of body resources: insights from an anatomist and biologist
  • Motivation and ambition as a driving force in all areas of life: it doesn't necessarily have to be competitive sport!
  • Life time - time of life: better health through careful handling of our internal circadian clock
  • Don't be jetlagged: Advice from a chronobiologist
  • The molecular-biological foundations of time-of-day-dependent memory performance
  • The circadian system - structure, mechanisms, importance in humans
  • I am also happy to design motivational lectures with a focus on the role of chronobiology in everyone's daily life
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BOOK A LECTURE via the contact form