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Questionnaire and individualized behavioral recommendations to minimize jet lag before the competition:

Your chronotype will be determined on the basis of a scientifically sound analysis using a questionnaire I have developed. The decisive factor here is how your sleep-wake cycle is timed if your behavior is not dictated by external factors such as working hours or family time requirements, but if you only let it be determined by your internal clock, e.g. during your last vacation. Based on your answers, I can assess and classify your chronotype (see: Owl or Lark?). You will then receive a detailed recommendation for your individual jet lag adjustment from me. This usually begins BEFORE. your departure, extends OVER the flight itself and is particularly important AFTER your arrival at the competition location. It aims to adapt your internal clock to the new environment with a time offset of several time zones as quickly as possible and to bring your daily maximum performance in line with the starting shot of your competition.


current offer: 79€